Florida State University

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council serves as the liaison between the student body of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and Florida State University. The council is composed of discipline-specific, exemplary social science students who work directly with the dean and college administration to provide a student perspective in deciding and implementing the goals and initiatives of the college.

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Member Eligibility Requirements

  • The individual demonstrates an interest in the Student Leadership Council and shares the vision and mission of the Council, the Office of the Dean, and the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy.
  • The individual has ample time to perform the duties that are associated with his or her respective department.
  • The individual must be able to serve one full academic year term prior to graduation.
  • The individual has demonstrated scholarship, leadership, and service in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy or Florida State University.
  • The individual has maintained a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for at least one semester prior to application.

Get More Than a Degree

The Student Leadership Council sponsors an annual event every fall featuring departments, institutes, programs, and other activities that offer undergraduates transformative educational and professional development experiences beyond the classroom as part of the college’s Get More Than a Degree initiative.