Unconquered by Debt: A Financial Wellness Program

Program Goals

The goals of the program are to enhance financial literacy and transform decision making so that students become wealth creators. The program will promote balanced financial choices so that students fully understand they are responsible for their current and future lifestyles. The focus is on key life choices: career options, earning, spending, saving, investing, managing credit, evaluating risk, insuring assets, and planning for retirement. The Center seeks to build relationships around campus to promote and implement the program.

Program Resources

Our program covers 33 topics and provides the following resources for each:

  • Content Videos
  • A Topical Story
  • Book References
  • Other Web-Based Resources

Please visit our site to access the materials.


Sign up for any or all of this series of free workshops here. All workshops will be held at the Stavros Center for Economic Education, 250 S. Woodward Ave. (next to the UPS Store). Food and drinks will be provided at every event.

Certified Peer Mentors

Workshops are led by students who have completed a rigorous certification program to  become Certified Financial Peer Mentors.   In addition to leading these workshops, Peer Mentors also assist other students in personal finance matters and answer questions during individual meetings. To schedule a presentation or an appointment to discuss your situation email coss-financialpeermentors@fsu.edu.

Meet Our Peer Mentors

Jad Kabbani

Jad is a Junior at FSU majoring in Economics and minoring in International Relations.  In addition to his role in assisting students with financial wellness, Jad is involved in SGA and the Arab Student Union and enjoys working out and hanging out with friends in his free time. 

Joshua Patterson

Joshua Patterson is a Senior at FSU majoring in Economics. Joshua became a Certified Financial Peer Mentor to provide help to those seeking financial literacy and wellness. Additionally, in his free time he enjoys basketball, weightlifting, and reading.

David Wedderburn

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David is a senior at Florida State University majoring in Marketing with a minor in Commercial Entrepreneurship, hailing from Broward County, Florida. Since he was young, David has had a fervent passion for personal finance and found UBD as a perfect outlet to exercise his excitement of the subject. Additionally, David likes playing basketball, cooking, weightlifting, and journaling in his free time.

Zac Zweifel

Zac is a Junior at Florida State from Orlando, Florida majoring in Business Management. Zac has a passion for wellness whether physical, spiritual, academic, or financial. He is excited to share financial literacy around campus, and to connect with new people he might not otherwise have known. In Zac’s free time he likes to swim and maybe do a magic trick or two!

Become a Peer Mentor!

If you have an interest in personal finance, have successfully completed ECO 3041, and are comfortable presenting material in front of a group of your peers, please contact us to learn how to become a Certified Financial Peer Mentor: coss-financialpeermentors@fsu.edu

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