Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP)


Florida State University provides high-achieving students an engaging community with the flexibility and funding opportunities to explore their full range of interests. Our award-winning professors focus on student success with opportunities such as undergraduate research, which launches students into the fascinating world of a research university. Watch the video and picture yourself immersing in a culture which prizes academic excellence.

What can I expect from my UROP participation?

  • Join a community of hundreds of first and second-year student researchers and UROP alumni, including discipline-specific, transfer, and student-veteran cohorts
  • Explore academic and career interests through faculty and graduate student mentorship, all while learning to think in creative and innovative ways
  • Choose from literally hundreds of projects representing all areas of study, including fine arts, humanities, sciences, medicine, engineering, business, and social sciences, including the freedom to engage research outside of your proposed, or declared, field of study
  • Join an established researcher or team, with the ability to collect and analyze data, co-author, present findings at conferences, and make other important contributions
  • Gain hands-on knowledge and application of research principles, a competitive and tangible asset for graduate and professional school applications, and an attractive skillset for future employers.