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Department of Sociology

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Graduate Programs

Florida State University’s Department of Sociology offers three graduate programs:

A traditional academic program offering the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology. The traditional program allows for concentrations in three areas: health and aging, inequalities and social justice, and demography. Our doctoral recipients gain the research and teaching skills qualifying them for employment in academic settings, from large research-oriented universities to small liberal arts colleges.

A one-year program, Master of Science in Applied Social Research, focused on research in applied settings. Graduates of our applied program go on to careers in government agencies, corporations, and research institutes.

A one-year program focusing on applied skills related to health and aging. This degree prepares graduates for administrative positions in various aging- and health-related fields, including health care administration, advocacy, and research.

The Sociology Department is committed to having a diverse graduate student population. Our efforts to meet this goal are aided by numerous University-level Graduate School Fellowships and Grants.

Andrew Mannheimer, PhD, at summer graduation (2016).

Presentation at the 2014 meetings of the Gerontological Society of America.



You may access the current Guide to Graduate Studies here.