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Department of Sociology

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Paromita Sanyal

Associate Professor

Office: 613 Bellamy
Phone Number: 850-644-1583
Email Address:

CV: Paromita Sanyal CV

Personal Statement:

My research focuses on understanding development and anti-poverty & women's empowerment interventions from a sociological perspective. I am particularly interested in examining how development influences and is influenced by social and cultural practices and meanings and the intended and unintended impacts of development interventions and programs of financial inclusion. I have strong interests in gender and development and economic sociology, both of which have been relevant to my continuing research on microfinance in India. My research also extends to political sociology. I study state-publics deliberations in Indian gram sabhas (village forums), which are grassroots institutions of participatory development and governance and deliberative democracy.  I teach in the Inequalities and Social Justice area at the graduate level and offer a variety of undergraduate courses, including Introduction to Sociology. 


Ph.D., Harvard University, 2008 

Areas of Interest:

Development, Gender, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Global & Transnational Sociology, Qualitative Methods, India & South Asia