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John Reynolds


Office: 427 Bellamy
Phone Number: 850-644-6416
Email Address:


CV: John Reynolds CV

Personal Statement:

My recent research aims to identify the teacher practices that narrow educational gaps and asks whether neoliberal accountability policies undermine teachers’ ability to put those practices into effect. I enjoy teaching Sociology of Education, Social Problems, and Social Statistics at the undergraduate level, and I primarily offer classes in the Inequalities and Social Justice area at the graduate level.


PhD in Sociology, Ohio State University, 1997
MA in Sociology, Ohio State University, 1991
BS in Psychology, Texas A&M University, 1989

Areas of Interest:

Educational Policy, Transition to Adulthood, Race

Selected Publications:

Erichsen, K., & Reynolds, J. (2020). Public school accountability, workplace culture, and teacher morale. Social Science Research, 85, 102347.

Reynolds, J., & Parrish, M. (2018). Natural Mentors, Social Class, and College Success. American Journal of Community Psychology, 61, 179-190.

Salerno, S., & Reynolds, J. (2017). Latina/o Students in Majority White Schools: How School Ethnic Enclaves Link Ethnicity with Success. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 1-13.

Reynolds, J., & Bamford, M. (2016). School Gender Culture and Student Subjective Well-Being. Sex Roles, 74(1), 62-77.

Drentea, P., & Reynolds, J. (2015). Where Does Debt Fit in the Stress Process Model? Society and Mental Health, 5, 16-32.

Jackson, B. A., & Reynolds, J. R. (2013). The Price of Opportunity: Race, Student Loan Debt, and College Achievement. Sociological Inquiry, 83, 335-368.

Johnson, M. K., & Reynolds, J. R. (2013). Educational Expectation Trajectories and Attainment in the Transition to Adulthood. Social Science Research, 42, 818-835.

McGrady, P., & Reynolds, J. R. (2013). Racial Mismatch in the Classroom: Beyond Black-White Differences. Sociology of Education, 86, 3-17.

Awards and Honors:

FSU Transformation Through Teaching Award, 2017
University Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2015
J. Michael Armer Faculty Teacher Award, 2013
Award for Best Publication, Sociology of Mental Health Section of the ASA, 2010
University Graduate Teaching Award, 2009
SGSU Award for Graduate Student Mentoring, 2008
University Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2001
SGSU Award for Support of the Graduate Program, 2001
Department of Sociology Teaching Award, 2000