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Irene Padavic


Office: 515 Bellamy
Phone Number: 850-644-6416
Email Address:

CV: Irene Padavic CV


PhD in Sociology, University Of Michigan, 1987 

MA in Sociology, University Of Michigan, 1984 

BA in Sociology and Religion, Smith College, 1979

Areas of Interest:

Gender, Race, Work, Family

Research Activites:

My research investigates how inequalities based on gender, race, and sexuality are reproduced and sometimes eroded, with a particular focus on the workplace. I teach an undergraduate course called Families and Social Change and graduate courses in the department’s Inequalities and Social Justice area.

Selected Publications:

  • Irene Padavic, Robin J. Ely, and Erin Reid. Forthcoming. Explaining the Persistence of Gender Inequality: The Work–family Narrative as a Social Defense against the 24/7 Work Culture. Administrative Science Quarterly.
  • William R. Earnest and Irene Padavic. Forthcoming. Survey Research and the Politics of Old Age Welfare in a Period of System Crisis. Thought in Action.
  • Clayton Gumber and Irene Padavic. Forthcoming. Race Differences in Motivations for Joining Unions: The Role of Prosocial Beliefs. Social Science Quarterly.
  • Irene Padavic and Anastasia Prokos. Aiming High: Explaining the Earnings Advantage for Female Veterans. Armed Forces and Society 43(2), 368-386.
  • J. Sumerau, Irene Padavic and Doug Schrock. 2015. Little Girls Unwilling to Do What's Best for Them: Resurrecting Patriarchy in an LGBT Christian Church. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 44 (3): 306-334.
  • Anna W. Jacobs and Irene Padavic. 2015. Hours, Scheduling, and Flexibility for Women in the U.S. Low-Wage Labor Force. Gender, Work and Organization 22(1): 67-86.
  • Jonniann Butterfield and Irene Padavic. 2014.The Impact of Legal Inequality on Relational Power in Planned Lesbian Families. Gender & Society 28(5): 752-774.

Awards and Honors:

FSU Teaching Award (Undergraduate), 2015
FSU Honors-Student Mentoring Award, 2010
Katherine Jocher-Belle Boone Beard Award for distinguished scholarly contributions to the understanding of gender, Southern Sociological Society, 2010
FSU Sociology Dept. Graduate Student Union Mentoring Award, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016, 2018
Sociologists for Women in Society Mentoring Award, 1999
State of Florida Board of Regents Distinguished Community Service Award, 1999          
Sociology Department Best Teacher Award, 1998
FSU Division of Student Affairs "Being There" Award, 1998
FSU Teaching Incentive Program Award, 1994 and 1999