Guide To Grad Studies

Our Guide to Graduate Studies provides information for new and current graduate students. In addition to guidelines surrounding facilities, fees, and funding, it details requirements for earning your Master’s and Ph.D. degrees. The Guide also lists information about preliminary examinations, Graduate Assistantships, and basic policies and procedures.

You may access the current Guide to Graduate Studies here.

Additional Information

The Department of Sociology at Florida State University actively works to collaborate and support graduate students through working groups, such as the Inequalities and the Aging Research on Contexts, Health and Inequalities (ARCHI) working groups, as well as reoccurring Brown Bag presentations through the Center for Demography and Population Health.

The Sociology Graduate Student Union (SGSU) is an organization led by, and for, the graduate students in the Department of Sociology at Florida State University. SGSU represents graduate student interests in departmental policy decisions and promotes a supportive and collaborative culture among graduate students. SGSU is open to full and part time FSU Sociology graduate students.

FSU Sociology graduate students can also join Graduate Assistants United (GAU) at Florida State University, the only legally recognized collective bargaining agents for Graduate Assistants at FSU. Read more about GAU at: