On the Job Market

Cherish Michael

Cherish recently graduated from the program. Her dissertation examined sociological explanations for gender differences in chronic pain. Her areas of expertise include medical sociology, gender, aging and health (especially ageism), and sociology of the body & embodiment. Cherish’s recent publications include an examination of gender patterns in subjective aging and an analysis of Twitter reactions to […]

Jason D’Amours

Jason D’Amours is a doctoral candidate whose research program lies at the intersection of the sociology of sexualities, medical sociology, and the sociology of science, knowledge, and technology. His dissertation employs qualitative methods to explore the changing landscape of HIV prevention. In particular, his dissertation examines new and emerging methods of HIV prevention—such as multipurpose prevention […]

Kristen Amaya

Kristen is a doctoral candidate researching U.S.-Latinx populations using qualitative methods. Her dissertation focuses on the lived experiences of Central American immigrants living in the United States and analyzes their forms of identity construction through in-depth interviewing. Kristen applies a critical approach to Latinx immigration through a lens of neocolonialism and considers the historical and political […]

Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose is a doctoral candidate (ABD) researching the intersection of digital communication technologies and collective action. His dissertation explores how climate activists use social media to manage social capital, frame issues, organize action, and elicit change from target actors. Kyle has also earned grant funding, presented, and published research on social media deplatforming and influencer-audience relationships.  Kyle is […]