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James E. Wright II – Co-Director

James E. Wright II, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Askew School of Public Administration and Public Policy at Florida State University where his research specializes in policing, law enforcement agency management, race, social equity and social justice. He is the founding Co-Director of the Social Justice and Innovation Lab. His research has examined the impacts of body cameras on racial disparities in policing, the impacts of providing public access to police misconduct allegations, police officer decision making during police stops, how physical appearance impacts use of force, and community protests, among other issues. His research has appeared in the fields leading research journals, including Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, Public Performance Management Review, The American Review of Public Administration, and others.

Danny Fay- Co-Director

Dr. Daniel Fay is an Associate Professor and PhD Director in the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at The Florida State University. He is the founding Co-Director of the Social Justice and Innovation Lab. His research interests include policy diffusion, organizational theory, diversity issues in public management, veterans’ policy, and higher education policy and management. His latest article in Public Administration examines representative bureaucracy though an intersectionality lens finding that intersectional representation improves client outcomes more than representation across a single social identity.

Affiliated Faculty

Cameron Beatty
Assistant Professor
Department of Leadership & Policy Studies
College of Education
Florida State University

Christopher Smalls
College of Education Teaching Faculty
Director of Online EDA Program
Florida State University

Cullen Merritt
Associate Professor
O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Brandi Blessett
Associate Professor
Director of the Master of Public Administration
University of Cincinnati.

Tia Sheree Gaynor
Assistant Professor of Political Science
Director, Center for Truth Racial Healing and Transformation
University of Cincinnati.

Andrea Headley
Assistant Professor
McCourt School of Public Policy
Georgetown University

Sebawit G. Bishu
Assistant Professor
School of Public Affairs
University of Colorado Denver

Jasmine McGinnis
Associate Professor of Public Policy and Public Administration
The George Washington University

Norma Riccucci
Board of Governors Distinguished Professor in the School of Public Affairs and Administration
Rutgers University–Newark

Staci Zavattaro
Associate Professor of Public Administration
Research Associate with the Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
University of Central Florida

Emily Ryalls
Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studie
California Polytechnic State University

Norma Riccucci
Board of Governors Distinguished Professor
Rutgers University

Vicky Wilkins
Dean of the School of Public Affairs
Professor of Public Administration and Policy
American University

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