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Webinar Opportunities

We're excited to share the following webinar opportunities with you, in collaboration with the Foundation for Economic Education.

Teachers: These webinars are being offered to you and your students in an attempt to provide a valuable service while easing some of the stress that the quarantine online learning environment may be causing you during this time. If you're interested in supplementing your course material, check out the webinar options below.

There are two different webinar formats available:

1) The first webinar format is open to the public -- everyone is welcome to attend the webinar, but you do need to register ahead of time.

FSU Stavros Center's Signè Thomas will be presenting the next webinar of this type, and the subject matter just happens to be the her favorite topic! Click here to register for the Economic Institutions and Why They Matter webinar. Please see the attached flyer for more details.
This webinar is Thursday, April 23rd 2020, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST.

Feel free to pass this registration link along to your own students, to your colleagues, and any others who you think would benefit!

Bonus: For anyone who stays on the hour-long live webinar and completes the pre- and post-survey, you'll receive bonus materials including readings and a certificate of completion!

2) The second webinar format is customized for YOUR class of students!!

If you have at least 10 students in your class who are able to tune in to the webinar for 45 min - 1 hour, then we can set up a time & date and you can select an economics or personal finance topic that fits your class's needs.

This allows for an intimate online learning environment (and a lot more interaction and opportunity for Q&A throughout, which isn't present in most webinar formats).

There are many economics and personal finance topics for you to select from! See the PDF labeled Menu of Webinar Topics to help you with ideas of some available options. If you don't see something you're looking for in the selection attached, feel free to reach out to Signè Thomas at and ask her about the topic you have in mind.

Like all things, time is scarce... This service is free of charge for you and your students, but the webinar calendar will be filled up by first come, first served - so if you're interested then let's get a date on our calendars before the slots are filled! There are still a couple of slots left for April, and also a few more in May.