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FEBRUARY 2020 Florida Charter Schools: Not as Good, or as Bad, as Advertised


MAY 2019. Good News & Bad News: An Update of Florida Pension Plan’s Grades


JANUARY 2018. Debt Obligations in Florida Cities and Counties


OCTOBER 2017. Patterns of Resegregation in Florida’s Schools
SEPEMBER 2017. Desegregation in Florida Schools: Separate is Not Equal Conference. Sept. 27.


SEPTEMBER 2016. Meeting the Needs of Florida: The Florida College System Past and Future
APRIL 2016. The Financial Challenges of Retiree Healthcare Subsidies in Florida Cities and Counties


AUGUST 2015. Money in Politics Reforms in Florida: Initial Impacts and Comparison to Other States
FEBRUARY 2015. Beyond Pensions: Florida Local Governments and Retiree Health Benefits


SEPTEMBER 2014. Report Card Update: Florida Municipal Pension Plans
JULY 2014. Hidden in Plain Sight: Florida Special Districts—Executive summary
JULY 2014. Community Development Districts: Financial and Accountability issues
JULY 2014. Piecing Together the Governing Puzzle: An Exploration of Florida’s Special Districts
JULY 2014. District and CDD History
FEBRUARY 2014. Tougher Choices: Shaping Florida’s Future
FEBRUARY 2014. Best Practices in Campaign Finance and Public Access to Information
2014 Appendix—50-state assessment of campaign finance disclosure websites


AUGUST 2013. Doing It Right: Recognizing Best Practices in Florida’s Municipal Pensions
FEBRUARY 2013. Looking at Florida’s Municipal Pensions


NOVEMBER 2012. Florida Counties Bridge the Ethics Policy Gap
SEPTEMBER 2012. Years in the Making: Florida’s Underfunded Municipal Pension Plans


NOVEMBER 2011. Report Card: Florida Municipal Pension Plans
AUGUST 2011.The Double Whammy Facing Florida’s Counties
MARCH 2011. TABOR: Measuring the Fiscal Impact of Florida’s Proposed Revenue Limits
FEBRUARY 2011. Trouble Ahead: Florida Local Governments and Retirement Benefits


Tough Choices Shaping Florida’s Future—2009 Update


MARCH 2008. Tough Choices Shaping Florida’s Future—2008 Update


OCTOBER 2005. Tough Choices Shaping Florida’s Future-Full Report
OCTOBER 2005. Tough Choices Shaping Florida’s Future—Executive Summary