College of Social Sciences


One important component of the Global and Public Affairs Learning Community (GPALC) is the scheduling of special events and activities focused around global and public affairs, many of which are only available to Community participants. These events help students to learn about the world around them while also helping them develop their academic and professional trajectories as students interested in the social sciences.

GPALC members are not required to attend every event that is offered, but their application to the Community required them to agree to participate regularly in Community events and activities, and their grade in the Global and Public Affairs Colloquium is based in part on attendance at a minimum number of events.

Types of Events

The Broad and Anderson-Ashby Lecture Series

The Broad and Anderson-Ashby Lecture Series are two public lecture series sponsored by the College of Social Sciences (COSS). Together, these programs bring ten visiting speakers to campus each year (five per semester). Past speakers have included academics, government officials, journalists, and others who have had distinguished careers observing and working to solve social and public policy issues. The College regularly updates its schedule of upcoming lectures. As an added benefit of being a resident in the GPALC, immediately prior to most Broad/Anderson-Ashby lectures, two or three Community residents are invited to a lunch at the University Center, hosted by the Dean of the College of Social Sciences, at which the Broad/Anderson-Ashby lecturer presides.

Golden Tribe Lecture Series

The Golden Tribe Lecture Series was re-established in Fall 2010 to provide the student body with a series of speakers sponsored by the Student Government Association in collaboration with Union Productions. The Golden Tribe Lecture Series is an academically focused speaker series, which attempts to connect students to outstanding individuals who are either experts in their field or working at the forefront of a relevant political or social issue. The mission of the series is to engage students in issues and dialogue that will positively benefit their overall academic, scholastic, or humanitarian experience.

Policy-Oriented Events

Because students who applied to the GPALC expressed an interest in global public affairs, many of our activities will revolve around current topics in this area. We are fortunate to be part of FSU, which has many leading national scholars who study relevant topics, and Tallahassee is both the Leon county seat and the Florida state capital. Over the course of the year, we will have the opportunity to discuss current political topics (such as elections, wars, and everything in between) with local experts from FSU or from state or local government.

Academic Resource Events

FSU also has many options to offer students with an interest in the social sciences, so the Community will attempt to bring as many of these options and opportunities as possible to students' attention. The College of Social Sciences, which sponsors the GPALC, offers a range of events that will highlight the academic options that the departments within the College offer to its students. The University offers popular study abroad programs. and the GPALC will make sure that our students are made aware of these opportunities. There may also be presentations from representatives of relevant student organizations, such as the World Affairs Program, and other organizations that have a presence on campus, such as the Peace Corps, that are likely to be of interest to Community members. Other events have included presentations that are geared toward professional and scholastic development. Events are offered by members of the library staff focusing specifically on tools for conducting research in the social sciences. Also, there are several events offered by the Career Center and the Center for Leadership and Social Change that help students refine resumes, find internships/jobs, practice for interviews, and prepare for the professional world.

Event or Activity Suggestions

Student suggestions of events and activities are always welcome. Please e-mail the Program Directors with any ideas you might have. We will try to arrange events or activities that interest GPALC participants as much as possible.