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If you have a question about the Global and Public Affairs Learning Community (GPALC), feel free to use the contact information listed below. Additional contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses for the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy (COSS) and its various departments, can be found at the COSS contacts page.

FSU University Housing

University Housing Office (General)

FSU's University Housing Office is the place to contact about residence hall living at FSU, including questions about residence hall policies, roommates, maintenance issues, or initial admission to the program. Before calling or emailing Housing, though, please go through the University Housing web site, which includes quite a bit of information that can resolve most student questions (see especially their Guide to Residence Hall Services.

University Housing

Florida State University

133 South Wildwood

Tallahassee, FL, 32306-4174

Learning Communities Coordinator: Denise Mercier

Ms. Denise Mercier is the Housing Office's coordinator for all of the learning communities at FSU. Potential program participants should contact her with any questions about applications, deadlines, housing assignments, and so on. Students who are currently involved in the program should try to contact the DeGraff Hall Residence Coordinator (Steven Kleuver) or the Assistant Coordinator (Sydney Torres) about housing-related issues and Program Co-Directors Eric Coleman and Dale Smith about most academic issues related to the program itself.

  • Office Location: 942 Learning Way
  • Phone Number: (850) 644-2860
  • Email:

The Residence Hall

This contact information is for the residence hall itself, rather than for FSU Housing or for the academic components of the program. Use this if you need to contact the residence hall's office, or to talk to the Residence Coordinator in charge of the residence hall during the academic year.

Front Desk

The front desk at DeGraff Hall should be contacted with questions about how to reserve the dorm's lounge for activities, where to send packages, and similar questions about day-to-day dorm life. Somebody is stationed at the front desk 24 hours a day.

  • (850) 645-7917

The Academic Program

This contact information is for the academic program, rather than for FSU Housing or for the residence hall itself. Use this if you need to contact the program's directors about program requirements or program-related events and activities.

Program Directors

Professor Eric Coleman, Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Office location: 163 Bellamy
  • Phone Number: (850) 644-5727 (Bellamy)
  • Email: