College of Social Sciences

Admissions to the Community

The GPALC is a competitive program that is available only to first-year FSU students. There are only 38 spaces available within this community, so to be considered, please follow the steps below. More details are also available at page.


Note that all deadlines on this page are for students applying for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • Apply for admission to FSU as early as possible
  • Submit a Fall-Spring Housing Contract as early as possible
  • Submit your $225 housing prepayment within ten days of your housing contract
  • Apply for the Public Affairs Learning Community by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Monday, April 9, 2018
  • Log back into the application Wednesday, April 25th, 2018
  • If your LLC application status is Invited, accept online between Wednesday, April 25th and Saturday, April 29th
  • If your status is Alternate, check it again weekly and plan to accept promptly if invited
  • Invitations not accepted by 11:59 p.m. EDT Saturday, April 29th they appear online may be withdrawn

2018 Prompts

Who Can Apply?

  • Many potential students are interested in the Global and Public Affairs Learning Community, but have questions about who is eligible to apply, and what we consider in evaluating applications. Here are a few guidelines about who is and isn't eligible for the Community

Who Should Apply:

  • Students planning to select a major or minor within the social sciences. If you are interested in how the world (or your hometown) works, this program should be a great opportunity for you to learn more and to discuss interesting topics with faculty and other students
  • Students with any political view. The Community is nonpartisan in nature and does not push any particular political agenda or perspective.
  • First-year students only. The Community is only open to students entering their first year of college. If you are a returning FSU student, or you have already attended a different college or university, you are not eligible.

Who Should Not Apply:

  • Students who are not passionate about understanding or impacting the world around them. If you don’t care about what going on in the realm of global and public affairs, don’t apply to this community. It won’t be a good fit and you’ll feel quite out of place. Think about applying to other residential options, such as a different learning community that is more in line with your interests. For example, the Bryan Hall Learning community focuses broadly on creativity and learning, and is open to students with an interest in any field.
  • Students with inflexible schedules. The required colloquium that all students must take in both the fall and spring semesters is taught one evening a week, so all students who wish to be part of the Community must be free to take that course. Also, as part of that course, all participants are required to attend a certain number of activities such as guest speakers. These activities will be held at varying times on varying days, sometimes in the afternoons and sometimes in the evenings, but as part of the course all students must attend a number of these events. Because the course and these events are such central pieces of the Community, we will not waive these requirements for any student, so please do not apply to our program if you will regularly have time commitments that prevent you from meeting the requirements -- and if you do so anyway, be prepared to accept the consequences for your course grade. Note also that if you do not take the required colloquium in both the fall and spring semesters, you are not considered to be meeting the requirements of the Community, and you will not be allowed to continue living in the residence hall.
  • Returning students. You are not eligible for our community if you have already been a student at any college or university, whether FSU or elsewhere; this Community is only open to first-year FSU students.

The Application Process

One thing that we do not consider in GPALC applications is the student's past academic history. FSU has very competitive admissions criteria for first-year students, so any student who is good enough to be admitted to FSU -- based on high school grades and standardized test scores -- has the necessary academic credentials to be admitted to the Community. What we are looking for instead is something that differentiates applicants from the thousands of other students who are admitted to FSU each year. Specifically, we are looking for students with a wide range of interests and experiences, but most importantly an interest in the world around them. We evaluate this on the basis of the Community application, which features two short essays.