Smart Cities and Digital Governance

Recent Projects:

A Socially Informed Electric Vehicle Promotion Framework for Rural Innovation towards Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability

Aug 2023–Jul 2026

This project aims to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in rural communities to address environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Despite the federal government’s efforts to electrify transportation, rural areas have low EV usage and limited charging infrastructure. The project proposes a data-driven framework to understand barriers to rural EV adoption, predict charging demand, and design cost-efficient charging infrastructure. The interdisciplinary team will investigate drivers and barriers, predict charging demand, develop a decision-making tool, and provide training to stakeholders in the Florida Panhandle region. The ultimate goal is to enhance sustainability by facilitating EV adoption in rural communities.

Funded by Florida State University. Total award $150,000.

Principal investigator:

Smart & Sustainable Urban Infrastructure and Equity in Communities

Sep 2017–Aug 2022

S&CC-IRG Track 1: Connecting The Smart-City Paradigm With A Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems Framework To Advance Equity In Communities.

Principal investigator:

  • Shashi Shekhar
  • Anu Ramaswami
  • Venkatesh Merwade
  • Julian Marshall
  • Tian Tang

Funded by National Science Foundation. Total award $2,500,000.

Community Partners:


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