Lab Meeting Schedule  (Spring 2022)

Meeting Time: Friday, 4-5 PM

Zoon Meeting Link: 


1/21: Laura Kitchens, Contracts and Grants Analyst, CSSPP

Seeking Internal and External Funding to Support Research on Sustainability, Climate Change, & Innovation, etc. 

1/28: Dr. Xue Gao, Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Encouraging Voluntary Government Action via a Solar-Friendly Designation Program to Promote Solar Energy in the U.S.


2/11: Student Presentations 

2/25: Let’s Talk about Attending Conferences


3/11: Dr. Sebastian Jilke, Associate Professor, Georgetown University (4 pm-5:30 pm)

– Field Experiment on COVID-19 Vaccination

– How to publish management articles in JPAM


4/8: Dr. Tisha Holmes, Assistant Professor, Department of Urban & Regional Planning, FSU

4/15: FSU Transportation Day Sessions

Late April: Research Proposal Presentation