Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

Recent Projects:

CC Collaborative Accelerator: Developing A Platform to Incorporate Net-Zero Targets in Upgrading Infrastructure Resilience in the Florida Panhandle.

Tang, Tian (PI). (Mar 2022–Feb 2023).

Funded by FSU. (None). Total award $25,000.  <Click to Enlarge>

Community Partners:

Sun, Yanshuo (PI), Zhao, Tingting (Co-PI), Jia, Minna (Co-PI), & Tang, Tian (Co-PI). (May 2020–Aug 2020). CCSF Covid: Data-Driven Modeling and Learning of Hurricane Evacuee’s Individual Decision Making under COVID-19 Pandemic.

Funded by FSU. (None). Total award $19,998.  

Community Partners:


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