Citizen Participation Channels of Local Governments

This mini survey intends to better understand what channels the local governments employ to facilitate citizen participation in the public decision-making process. 248 respondents from 179 municipalities answered questions about citizen engagement channels, specifically, “To what extent does your government use the following channels to promote citizen participation in the decision-making process?” The survey was distributed in the fall of 2022 to 12,143 public officials in 1,248 municipalities with a population over 30,000 across the United States.

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Lee, H., Tang, T., Liu, Y., Li, W.,andZheng, G.,2023.”Citizen Participation Channels ofLocal Governments.” Tallahassee, FL: Sustainability And Governance Lab, Florida State University.

For supporting this report, we thank Colin Morrilland Harper Waltonfrom the FSU UROP Program.