Challenges for Sustainable and Resilient Communities

This survey intends to better understand the resilience challenges that local governments and communities face. The survey was distributed in fall of 2022 to 12,143 public officials of 1,248 municipalities with a population over 30,000 across the United States. Public officials from 179 out of 1,248 municipalities have responded. 197 respondents answered an optional open-ended question on sustainability and resilience challenges, which asked “What are your community’s sustainability or resilience challenges that you want to address most?

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Lee, H., Tang, T., Liu, Y., Li, W., and Zheng, G., 2023. “Challenges for Sustainable and Resilient Communities.” Tallahassee, FL: Sustainability And Governance Lab, Florida State University.

For supporting this report, we thank Ella Garcia, Ethan Sarakun, and Alexis Staveski from the FSU UROP Program.