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Russian and East European Studies

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Program Requirements and Curriculum

Students choose between:

  • Master of Science or Master of Arts
    Master of Arts requirement: six (6) credits minimum of coursework in history, modern language, philosophy or religion.
    *The program does not recommend one of type degree over the other*

  • Comprehensive Exam Track or Thesis Track
    Comprehensive Exam track: 31 credit hours
    Thesis track: 31 credit hours

Master’s in Russian and Eastern European Studies degree must complete:

  • CORE coursework (1 credits):
    • Colloquium (1)

  • RUSSIAN HISTORY coursework (6 credits):
    • At least six (6) credits focusing on Russian/Eastern European History

  • SOCIAL SCIENCE coursework (6 credits):
    • At least six (6) credits focusing on Social Science
    • Participating departments: International Affairs, Political Science, Public Administration, Economics, Sociology, Urban and Regional Panning, Geography

  • ARTS & HUMANITIES coursework (6 credits):
    • At least six (6) credits focusing on Arts and Humanities
    • Participating departments: History, Religion, Modern Languages

  • ELECTIVE coursework (11 – 14 credits):
    • The remaining credits left for the degree will be taken from the approved course list, from the participating departments.
    • Students may also study abroad, or complete internships for credit – to complete their remaining elective hours. For info on this, click here (3)

  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE requirement: Proficiency in Russian, Serbo-Croatian, or some other east European language
    _____ Above INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (2220 equivalent)
    _____ 12 semester hours in a foreign language with an average grade of at least 3.0, "B"
    _____ 4 years of a single language in high school
    _____ Graduate Reading Knowledge Examinations ((RUS 5069)
    _____ If first language is not English: TOELF


Is funding available for students?

Yes, but it is limited. Please visit here for more information on funding opportunities.

For more information, contact the Graduate Program Coordinator, 850-644-4418 or fill out this form: