Internship Information

Placements include health-related organizations at the international, national, state, or local level for a 200-hour working experience.

Due to the CEPH Accreditation policy, waiver requests will be denied.

The goal of the placement is to expose the student to the day to day experiences of working in a health related organization, setting priorities, teamwork, marshaling resources for problem solving, serving client needs, accepting and responding to feedback and learning how individuals’ visions and values shape the vision and values of an organization.

Previous interns from our program have assisted with:

  • Collection and analysis of infant mortality and low birth weight data by county and coalition.
  • Data collection on maternal and child health indicators was used in Florida’s Title V Maternal and Child Health block grant.
  • Monitoring and reporting on legislative committee meetings.
  • Written analyses of bills proposed for consideration in the Florida legislative session.

Following is a partial list of internship placements for past and current students:

  • Florida Department of Health
    • County Health Department
    • Chronic Disease
    • Disease Control
    • Environmental Health
    • Maternal & Child Health
    • Tobacco
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Private For-Profit Organization
  • Private Not-For-Profit Organization
  • FSU Health and Wellness Center
  • US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

While students may work on a variety of tasks during their 200-hour experience, the expectation is that they will have one major project for which they are principally responsible. It should be accompanied by appropriate project goals and success criteria, adequate instructions, supervision and feedback, interim products and deadlines, resources, and an identifiable product such as a report, presentation, briefing, hearing, web page, survey, or other product which reflects integration of analytical, organizational and presentation skills and makes appropriate use of the student’s academic training.

Students should feel that they have undertaken a challenging project, marshaled resources, overcome obstacles, and produced a worthwhile product that will help the organization achieve its goals. A mere compilation of lists or sorting of files will not be considered adequate to meet the goals of the internship.