College of Social Sciences

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Prospective Students

Career Opportunities

Health care professionals, policy analysts, managers, consultants, insurers, and many others who make their careers in the health care industry are well-paid and work on solving interesting and challenging problems, making the world a better place. Health care is a great field for smart, well-trained individuals who want to make a good living while being proud of the work they do and the professional contributions they make.

The MPH Degree Program

The ticket into this industry and its fascinating careers is the right training: the Master of Public Health (MPH). This degree is offered in FSU's College of Social Sciences through an exciting, flexible inter-disciplinary program of courses drawing from a wide variety of departments. After core courses, electives selections can be tailored to suit a student's needs and interests, such as policy, business, economics, epidemiology, administration, sociology, statistics and other fields.

BS/MPH Degree Program

The Master of Public Health Program now offers a combined
Bachelor's/Master of Public Health Degree Program. The combined BS/MPH degree program will allow academically talented students the opportunity to acquire their bachelor's and master degree in less time. This program will allow undergraduate students to count up to 12 credit hours toward both their BS and MPH degree. This will allow students the opportunity to take a more challenging course load and begin their graduate program early.

Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and completed 90 credit hours to begin the program. For additional information, call (850) 644-4418.