College of Social Sciences

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Current Students

General Requirements

MPH degree graduates will be trained principally as health policy analysts. They will have a rich background in epidemiology, health economics, health behavior, health administration, health policy and policy analysis, and statistical and qualitative analytic skills. Careers are likely to include government agency or legislative staff positions, policy and consulting firms, think tanks, advocacy organizations and lobbying firms, international organizations focused on health and population issues, academic or media positions.

The program of study for the MPH degree includes a set of required and elective courses, an internship, a capstone project and an efolio. Students can set their own pace from part-time to full-time. With appropriate planning, the program's requirements may be completed in 3-4 semesters and a summer. Other students prefer to follow a more relaxed pace. Internship may be waived under special circumstances on a case-by-case basis with appropriate experience in a public health position conducting policy analysis. Waived credits must be made up in an approved elective.

Students and Alumni attend a conference on Strengthening Primary Care & Public Health Collaboration

Total Credits

Students must complete 42 credit hours, which include 33 required hours and 9 hours of electives. A capstone project and internship is included in the required hours. Also required is an efolio constructed by each student throughout his or her course of study, including indications that public health competencies have been met, examples of projects completed, writing samples, course summaries, resume, and other materials indicating preparedness for a career in public health.

Students are bound to their course requirements given at the time of admission, or they can choose those in place at any time after their enrollment date. Questions about graduation check list should be directed to the MPH Program Coordinator, at (850) 644-4418, in Bellamy 211.