BS-MPH Combined Pathway


Increase your career opportunities. Get a jumpstart on graduate school. Save time and tuition expenses.

This pathway provides academically talented undergraduate students the opportunity* to expeditiously complete both degrees.

  • Count up to 12 graduate credit hours toward both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • Apply for undergraduate financial aid opportunities for the undergraduate portion of graduate-level classes.**
  • Explore graduate coursework as an undergraduate student and ease the transition to graduate school.

* Admission into the Combined Pathway does not grant admission into the MPH program. Students will still need to apply to the MPH program by the appropriate deadlines.

**Please contact Student Business Services for further information about your financial opportunities being used

Any grade lower than a “B” will be ineligible to transfer for MPH credit.

Eligibility Requirements

Major: Any undergraduate major is eligible.

Minimum Criteria:

  • 3.5 FSU GPA
  • 90 credit hours of completed coursework (60 credit hours if Honors student)
  • Minimum two semesters and 24 credit hours completed at FSU
  • One-page paper showing intent and interest in the program

If you want to apply, fill out the form below.

Please complete and email it to Sabrina Smith

Enrollment Procedures

  • Meet with Sabrina Smith who will discuss course availability. You can make an appointment by clicking here

BSPH – MPH Class Equivalents

Bachelor of Science in Public Health CoursesMaster of Public Health Courses
PHC 4030 – Intro to EpidemiologyPHC 5001 or URP 5521 – Public Health Epidemiology
PHC 4157 – Health Policy and SocietyPHC 5155 – Health Services Organization & Policy
PHC 4047 (prev 4320) – Environmental HealthPHC 5300 – Environmental Health
PHC 4470 – Health Behavior and PromotionPHC 5475 or URP 5525 – Health Behavior
PHC 4069 – BiostatisticsECP 5538 – Health Policy Statistics
GIS CourseGIS 5101/L or URP 5272 (Electives for MPH only)