The combined Bachelor/Master program allows academically talented students the opportunity to acquire their MPH degree in a shorter time.

Undergraduate students may take up to 12 hours of graduate level work while completing their bachelor's degree. These hours will count towards both, the 120 credit hours needed for the bachelor's and the overall 42 credits hours needed for the master degree.

Admission into the BS/MPH Program does NOT grant admission into the Master of Public Health Program. This program is designed to allow undergraduate students to take graduate level coursework. You would still need to take the GRE, and apply to the program by the appropriate deadlines.


Must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Senior (90 or more hours) or honors student (60 or more hours)
  • Two semesters (24 hours) at FSU
  • FSU GPA of 3.0 minimum

If you are eligible and would like to participate, please contact the Public Health Coordinator in 211 Bellamy, (850-644-4418) to discuss the process and class options.

A complete list of programs and information can be found on the website of The Graduate School: http://gradschool.fsu.edu/academics-research/degree-programs/combined-degree-programs