BSPH Degree Requirements

The core course requirements include training in each of the fundamental areas of public health: epidemiology, environmental health sciences, health policy & management, social & behavioral sciences, and biostatistics.

Prerequisite Coursework: STA 2122 before PHC 4069

Major Coursework:

The BSPH major requires a minimum of 33 credit hours, including:

  • 21 CORE credits 
  • 12 Elective credits

All coursework counted in the Public Health major requires a grade of C or higher. Courses that meet the core requirements may not be used toward major elective coursework.

Additional Coursework:

The BSPH major requires completing a minor or second major beyond the minimum 33 credit hours.

Core Courses (21 credit hours)

  • PHC 4101 Introduction to Public Health (3)
  • PHC 4030 Introduction to Epidemiology (3)
  • PHC 4157 Health Policy and Society (3)
  • PHC 4047  Environmental Health (3)
  • PHC 4470 Health Behavior and Health Promotion (3)
  • PHC 4069 Biostatistics (3)*
  • GIS/Methods Core requirement (Choose one from below)
  • PHC 4721 ST: Qualitative Methods in Public Health (3), or
  • GIS 4421 GIS and Health (3), or
  • GIS 4043/L Geographic Information Systems (4)

*STA 2122 should be taken before enrollment in PHC 4069

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

  • Elective coursework must come from at least two separate departments, as listed.
  • Courses that satisfy General Education or minor requirements cannot be used as Public Health electives.
  • Additional courses beyond those listed here may count as electives – to verify, speak with a COSSPP Academic Advisor:

Please refer to Public Health’s academic map milestone that must be met on a term-by-term basis.

Approved Electives within COSSPP

ECP 4530 Economics of Health

GEO 4450 Medical Geography
GEO 4340 Living in a Hazardous Environment
GEO 4330 Environmental Perception

Interdisciplinary E-series

IDS 2003 Sexual Health in the Modern World
IDS 2012 Sustainable Society

Public Administration

PAD 3003 Public Admin in American Society
PAD 4372 Leadership & Comm. in Emer Mgmnt
PAD 4833 International Comparative Disaster Mgmt
PAD 4844 Public Health & Emer. Management

Public Health***

PHC 4944 Public Health Internship
PHC 4918 Honors
***Not considered a department; courses may count towards overall elective hours but not towards the two department requirements

SYA 3741. Sociology of Death & Dying
SYA 4930 ST: Guns and Society
SYA 4940 Maternal and Child Health
SYD 3020. Population and Society
SYO 4402 Medical Sociology
SYP 3730 Aging and the Life Course
SYP 4062. Sexual and Reproductive Health
SYP 4550. Alcohol and Drug Problems

Urban & Regional Planning
URP 4936 Food Systems Planning
URP 4936 Pedestrian Communities

Approved Non-COSSPP Elective Courses

Non-COSSPP elective classes may be subject to additional enrollment caps or requirements. Please contact those respective colleges or academic departments with registration questions.

ANT 2301 Evolution of Human Sexuality
ANT 3451 Race: Biology and Culture
ANT 4465 Foodways Archaeology
ANT 4468 Bones, Bodies, and Disease

BSC 2010 Biological Science I
BSC 2011 Biological Science II
IDS 2132 Busting Common Biology Myths
IDS 2134 Evolution, Medicine, and Evidence
IDS 2135 Genetics in Society

COM 3120 Communication for Organizing
MMC 4300 Diffusion of Innovations
SPC 4710 Interracial/Intercultural Communication

CCJ 3651 Drugs and Crime
CCJ 3678. Policing Diversity
CCJ 4667 Crime Victimization and Victim Services

Communication Science and Disorders
ASL 2510 Deaf Culture

Educational Leadership
LDR 2162 Leadership in Groups and Communities
LDR 2218 Leadership and Well-Being
LDR 2231 Global Leadership
LDR 2242 Gender and Leadership
LDR 2241 Black Male Leadership
LDR 3215 Leadership and Change
LDR 2290 Leadership and Sustainability in Action

Educational Psychology and Learning Systems
APK 4401 Intro to Exercise Psychology
IDH 3702 Becoming & Being Leaders

Family and Child Sciences
FAD 4451 Human Sexuality Education
CHD 2220 Child Growth and Development
CHD 3243 Contexts of Adolescent Development
FAD 3343 Contexts of Adult Development & Aging
FAD 3220 Individual & Family Life Span Dev.

HIS 3491 Medicine and Society
HIS 3464 History of Science
IDS 2419 Cultures of Medicine

Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences
IHS 4123 Narrative Medicine: Patient-Centered Care
IHS 4932 ST: Future Healthcare Challenges
BMS 4932 ST: Pharmacology & Toxicology

Library and Information Sciences
LIS 4785 Intro to Health Informatics
IDS 3493 Empower Health Consumers E-Health Era

NSP 3185 Multicultural Factors and Health
NUR 3076 Communication in Healthcare

Nutrition, Food, and Exercise Science
HSC 4711 Wellness/Health Risk Reduction
HUN 2125 Food and Society

PHI 2635 Bioethics
PHI 2630 Ethical Issues and Life Choices
PHI 3400 History and Philosophy of Science
PHM 3020 Philosophy of Sex

DEP 3103 Child Psychology
DEP 3305 Psych of Adolescent Behavior
DEP 4404 Psych of Adult Development and Aging
CLP 3314 Health Psychology
SOP 3742 Psych of Women
SOP 3782 Psych of African Americans

REL 3180 Religion and Bioethics
REL 3160 Religion and Science