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Graduate Programs


Degree Types

Asian Studies MA/MS
Demography MS
Joint Pathway in Demography and Planning MSD/MSP
Economics (Master’s) MS
Economics (Doctoral) Ph.D
Geographic Information Systems MS
Geography (Master's) MS
Geography (Doctoral) Ph.D
International Affairs MA/MS
Political Science Ph.D
Applied American Politics and Policy MAAPP
Public Administration (Master’s) MPA
 Joint Pathways:
 Criminology MPA/MSC
 Urban & Regional Planning "MPA/MSP
 Social Work MPA/MSW
Public Administration (Doctoral) Ph.D
Public Health MPH
Russian and Eastern European Studies MA/MS
Sociology (Master’s) MS
 Applied Social Research MS
Sociology (Doctoral) Ph.D
Urban & Regional Planning (Master’s) MS
 Joint Pathways:  
 Demography MSP/MS
 International Affairs MSP/MS
 Public Administration MSP/MPA
 Public Health MSP/MPA
Urban & Regional Planning (Doctoral) Ph.D