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Careers in the Social Sciences

Are you wondering where a degree from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy will take you?

Opportunities are everywhere with an education in the social sciences. Listed below are just a few of the career directions each degree from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy will lead you toward.

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 Rebecca Rykard
 Assistant Director, Experiential Learning
 Career Liaison for College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

 Main Career Center

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 Tuesdays & Wednesdays: 1:00-4:00pm & Thursdays: 9:00am-Noon

Aging Studies

Careers: financial planning, housing, nursing, nutrition, activities director, counseling, creative arts, industrial and product design, travel programs, social work, education, law, pharmacy, retirement planning, transportation, architectural services, banking, public relations/media, area planning and Coordination

Employers: federal, state and local government agencies, hospice, area agencies on aging, AARP, university research institutes, direct service agencies serving the needs of the elderly, marketing firms, architectural firms, travel agencies


Careers: economist, financial analyst, bank officer, appraiser, financial reporter, investment analyst, consultant in business or government, auditor, teacher or professor
Employers: banks and financial institutions, large firms, insurance companies, research firms, brokerage houses, government agencies, schools or colleges

Environmental Studies

Careers: ecologist or environmental manager, water resources or land use planner, forestry technician, industrial developer, hazardous waste planner

Employers: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service, National Park Service, planning agencies, business consultants, schools and colleges


Careers: cartographer, travel agent, geographic information systems, market researcher, international business, satellite/aerial photo analyst, emergency hazards management, location analyst

Employers: federal, state, and local government, real estate developers, school boards, map and atlas companies, planning agencies, business consultants, airline or trucking firms, schools and colleges, utilities

International Affairs

Careers: foreign service officer, economic developer, intelligence analyst, political risk analyst, research and educational assistant, journalist

Employers: U.S. government (State, Defense, Intelligence), state government, multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, educational institutions

Interdisciplinary Social Science

Careers: social studies teacher, management trainee, research analyst, probation officer, federal service worker, legislative aide, assistant planner, administrator, public agencies and government

Employers: public school systems, federal agencies, city and county planning departments, large corporations, state agencies (youth services, family services, natural resources)

Political Science

Careers: political history archivist, public and private researcher, urban planner, customs agent or inspector, labor relations specialist, governmental relations, pre-law, veterans' claims representative, foreign service officer, pollster, lobbyist, political aide

Employers: federal, state, local government; schools and colleges, corporations, media, political action committees, civic and taxpayer associations, regional planning councils, political party headquarters and candidates/campaigns

Public Administration

Careers: manager of wide range of government organizations, manager of nonprofit organizations, management analyst, program evaluator, purchasing specialist, HRM specialist, budget specialist, emergency management specialist, policy researcher

Employers: national, state, local, and international government organizations; nonprofit organizations, courts, legislatures, policy research organizations, private businesses, especially government contractors


Careers: criminologist, community organizer, corrections officer, market research analyst, statistician, opinion pollster, management trainee, government agencies at all levels, industrial sociologist, child welfare, case worker, demographer

Employers: schools and colleges, governmental agencies, mental health agencies, court system, welfare agencies, large corporations, community agencies, financial institutions

Urban and Regional Planning

Careers: planners are committed to a particular concern: improving the quality of life in the places they work. This extends to employment, schools, health, housing, community facilities, and the physical, social, and natural environments. They work in health, environmental, transportation, housing, land use, project development, urban design, neighborhood, and comprehensive planning areas in developed and developing country contexts

Employers: DURP graduates are now employed in forty-eight states and territories and twenty-seven foreign nations as professional staff and managers in local, state, regional, and national government agencies; in law firms, universities, research organizations, nonprofit advocacy groups, business, and industry; and in private consulting firms for local and regional government agencies and major developers