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Applied and Professional Degrees


The Applied Economics program gave me creative and analytical skills, as well as the ability to communicate to a wide range of audiences with varying degrees of economics background. I have no doubt the skills I learned will continue to be important in my career.

- Danielle Hale
Director of Housing Statistics
National Association of Realtors


Students in these programs benefit greatly from projects in which they get to apply their learning to real-world experience. That gives them a substantial leg up in the job market. And alumni who connect to these programs by offering project opportunities, support, and mentorship help to train a skilled and dynamic future workforce—often for their own companies!

- Deborah Sawyer
(International Affairs, 1981)


Through excellent instruction, applied activities, and one-on-one mentorship, the Master’s in Applied Demography program made it possible for me to obtain and excel in a position with the Census Bureau using the same methods I learned in the program. It also introduced me to respected researchers and professional organizations in the field, and those relationships continue to be the core of my professional capital.

- Jason Devine (’98)
Chief, Methodology Research and Development
Population Division, U.S. Census Bureau


Pursuing a master’s degree in Geographic Information Science. I was able to gain real-world experience through labs, internships, and capstone projects. Having this degree has opened so many doors for me despite the economic environment.

- Kanesha Price
Distribution Design Technician, Tampa Electric

Connecting to the world beyond the classroom...

Unlike most social science programs at major research universities, the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy at Florida State emphasizes terminal master’s degrees in a range of primary fields and interdisciplinary programs, giving you the tools you need for personal and professional fulfillment in your chosen field.


In today’s highly competitive job market, wouldn’t you like to have the advantage of a professional degree that has real meaning in the world beyond the university? And what if you could achieve that advantage with, in many cases, only one additional year of study beyond the undergraduate level?
One-year programs are a highly cost effective way for undergraduates to continue on to an advanced degree. Many working professionals return to these programs to further their knowledge and opportunities.


In our master’s programs, you start with a solid basis of study in each discipline, then go beyond the classroom, applying what you’ve learned to internships, policy analyses, and hands-on projects in real-world circumstances. You gain the skills, experience, and connections you need to succeed as far as your dreams and ambitions will take you. And the world gains a new generation of dynamic leaders ready to take on today’s toughest issues.


Success in life and work depends to a great extent on the connections you make, whether to individuals, ideas, or institutions. In the master’s degree programs at the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, you make valuable connections that prepare you for a meaningful career, advanced professional training, and an active role in public life. You become part of a vital, integrated network for success whose reach extends beyond the classroom.