Doctoral Studies

Specialized training in Demography and Population Health is
provided for master’s and doctoral students from across campus in
coordination with their individual academic departments. CDPH does
not offer any doctoral degrees per se.

Training opportunities at CDPH include courses, research assistantships, and individual mentorship provided by affiliated faculty. Some departments may allow a doctoral level specialty in one or more of the subject areas represented by the CDPH faculty. For instance, Demography is a formal specialty area for the PhD in Sociology, and Population Health is a major component of the Sociology specialty in Health and Aging. Other academic programs may allow one or more specialty courses in Demography or Population Health to count as doctoral program electives. The interdisciplinary faculty provides exceptional opportunities for highly specialized yet intellectually broad coverage of the fields of Demography and Population Health.

Prospective students are invited to meet with individual CDPH faculty who may share their academic interests or who represent particular areas of research to discuss the opportunities that may be available. CDPH facilities and training resources are open on a competitive basis to students from across campus, subject to the recommendation of a CDPH faculty member.