Undergraduate Advising Information

The College of Social Sciences provides a variety of advising and support services through the College’s Academic Affairs Office. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students generally meet with advisors in 106 Bellamy (Freshman and Sophomores) or 101 Bellamy (Juniors). Because of the large number of majors in the political science undergraduate program, monitoring each individual student’s progress is not always possible. The Department is, however, dedicated to providing whatever assistance a student requires, and they can contact the Undergraduate Director, Dr. Amanda Driscoll. Students should feel welcome to bring any questions or concerns they have about the major requirements, their classes, or life at FSU in general.

Students can expect occasional announcements from the Department via the FSU e-mail system. These might include reminders about upcoming events, information on changes in the schedule of classes, etc.

For employment assistance, students should consult the Career Center at the Dunlap Success Center. For personal counseling, students may visit the professional counselors at the Wellness Center.

Declaring A Major

The Department does not admit each student individually but relies on the College to accept those students who meet the criteria (completion of the English and mathematics requirements for liberal studies, 2.0 GPA, up-to-date status for all major mapping requirements). Depending on your status, there are various ways to declare Political Science as your major:

Freshmen and Sophomores who are completing liberal studies need to inform the Office of Undergraduate Studies if they did not do so at the time of admission

Upper division students (juniors and seniors) who are already in another major, need to have the appropriate form approved by the College of Social Sciences (101 BEL).

Transfer students should indicate on their admission forms that they wish to declare Political Science as their major. Appropriate political science coursework must be completed prior to transfer. Transfer admission information is available at floridashines.org. Please note undergraduate transfer admissions are addressed in the College’s Academic Affairs Office, and not in the Department.


It is important that students register for classes as soon as they have access for each semester. Students requiring any sort of assistance with registration should contact the Department’s Academic Coordinator. The dates and procedures for on-line registration, as well as the schedule of classes, are available at StudentsFirst.fsu.edu.

The drop/add period usually begins one or two days before the start of the semester, and always ends on the fourth day of classes. Students are fee and tuition liable for courses still on the course schedule after the end of the drop/add period, and are responsible for checking their schedule to ensure correct enrollment.

The University has a first-day attendance policy whereby students not attending the first meeting of any class for which they are registered will be dropped from that class by the Department. All students should verify their registration before the end of the drop/add period. Students who know they will miss the first day can request through the Course Instructor that they not be dropped.

Graduation Check

There are two checks students should take advantage of to assure that all requirements are being met. Students who are at or near 90 hours must apply for a one-time check of liberal studies and University requirements at the Office of the Registrar. At that same time a graduation check also should be requested at the The College’s Office of Academic Affairs (101 BEL).