Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the undergraduate program in Political Science at the Florida State University. 

We are a nationally ranked Department of Political Science with over 1,300 majors, offering courses in American Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Public Policy. Courses taught by the Askew School of Public Administration and political theory courses from the Department of Philosophy are also accepted towards course requirements. The major in political science offers a solid undergraduate education in the liberal arts and sciences. Such study prepares the graduate for a variety of careers by emphasizing the acquisition of skills in communication and analysis, and by encouraging independent thought, tolerance, and informed interest in current affairs. Our program offers excellent preparation for those interested in graduate study in political science, law, or the other social sciences. 

The department also offers the Research Intensive Bachelor’s Certificate (RIBC) for those interested in more in-depth study of political methodology at the undergraduate level, which prepares students wishing to undertake research through the University Honors and Undergraduate Research Opportunity (UROP) programs.