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Department of Political Science

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Qualified students can earn academic credit for an internship in public service organizations or government-related offices or agencies. Responsibility for finding an appropriate internship position rests with the student. Interns are expected to do useful, professional staff work and are not to function as clerks, runners, typists, receptionists, etc. To be eligible for credit, an internship must run the full semester; summer internships, the 13-week session. 


Those seeking credit under Political Science (POS4941) must have completed at least 60 hours; 15 of those with a C- or better in political science, including POS3713; and a gpa of 3.0 overall or in political science courses. Political Science internships must be government-related. 

Those seeking credit under the Interdisciplinary Social Science course (ISS4944) must have at least a gpa of 2.5 or better (3.0 if the internship is outside Tallahassee). It is strongly advised that the applicant have at least 60 hours completed toward the Bachelor’s degree. No student will be permitted internship credit in their first semester, or when they are on probation. ISS credits cannot count toward the Political Science major or minor. Political Science minors cannot count Political Science internship credits toward their minor requirements.