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Department of Political Science

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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PH.D. Alumni

With alumni in professional positions on University faculty and in various government and research agencies in over twenty states and several foreign countries, the Department is well represented in the discipline. Most students in the doctoral program expect to pursue a career as part of a university faculty. The Department provides information on available positions, assists in the development of a placement file, and sends that file to institutions that are recruiting faculty. Our students have a strong record of obtaining positions; some at major research universities, some at smaller colleges and universities that emphasize undergraduate teaching, others in the private sector or government. Many of our graduates are listed below with the year of their degree and their current place of employment.



Initial Placement

Current Placement

Matthew Hauenstein 2018 IR University of Notre Dame (Post-Doc)
Dr. David Abitbol 2016 IR Rand Cooperation
Dr. William Flanders 2016 American Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty
Dr. Jack Mewhirter 2016 Policy University of Cincinatti
Dr. Patrick Scott 2016 IR Charles River Associates
Dr. Brian Crisher 2015 IR University of West Florida
Dr. Casey Delehanty 2015 IR Gardner-Webb University
Dr. Scott Liebertz 2015 Comparative University of South Alabama
Dr. Marcus Scott Meachum 2015 IR Florida State University (Visiting)
Dr. Ammar Shamaileh 2015 Comparative University of Louisville (Visiting)
Dr. Ryan Welch 2015 IR Arizona State University (Post-Doc)
Dr. Chungshik Moon 2014 IR Australian National University
Dr. Jaclyn A. Bunch 2014 American University of South Alabama
Dr. Jilliene E. Haglund 2014 IR Washington University, St. Louis (Post-Doc) University of Kentucky
Dr. Kerri J. Milita 2014 Policy Illinois State University
Dr. Jacob T. Ausderan 2013 IR Tulane University Arkansas State University
Dr. James R. Martin, Jr. 2013 Comparative Creighton University
Dr. Jonathan D. Rogers 2013 Policy NYU - Abu Dhabi
Dr. Marius V. Radean 2013 Comparative University of Essex (UK)
Dr. R. Carlisle Rainey 2013 Comparative University of Buffalo - SUNY Texas A&M University
Dr. Scott A. Clifford 2013 American Duke University (Post-Doc) University of Houston
Dr. Travis A. Braidwood 2013 American Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Dr. Edward O. Hearn, Jr. 2013 IR Mississippi State University (Visiting)
Dr. Christine S. Mele 2013 IR University of Arkansas
Dr. Andreas Beger 2012 IR Duke University (Post-Doc)
Dr. Daniel J. Milton 2012 IR Brigham Young University US Military Academy - West Point
Dr. Daniel W. Hill, Jr. 2012 IR University of Georgia
Dr. John N. Lee 2012 IR Enterprise Holdings
Dr. Karen D. Cyphers 2012 Policy Florida Medical Association Sach Media Group
Dr. Meredith A. Whiteman 2012 Policy Charter Schools USA
Dr. Sunhee Park 2012 IR Central European University Aarhus University
Dr. James P. Nelson 2011 American University of Texas - Pan American Lamar University
Dr. Justin M. Conrad 2011 IR UNC - Charlotte
Dr. Patrick C. Armshaw 2011 IR FSU London Study Center
Dr. Richard H. Hawley 2011 Comparative University of North Florida
Dr. Benjamin L. Gaskins 2011 American Gardner-Webb University Lewis and Clark College
Dr. Courtenay N. Conrad 2010 IR University of California - Merced
Dr. Daniel S. Scheller 2010 Policy Western Kentucky University University of Texas - El Paso
Dr. Elizabeth A. Nyman 2010 IR Georgia Southern University Texas A&M - Galveston
Dr. Greg Goelzhauser 2010 American Coastal Carolina University Utah State University
Dr. Hong-Cheol Kim 2010 IR Republic of Korea Airforce
Dr. Sally Anderson 2010 IR University of South Florida Hall Strategies
Dr. Jeffrey R. Weber 2010 IR Trinity College (Ireland) Keimyung University (South Korea)
Dr. Melissa Neal 2009 American Texas A&M - Corpus Christi
Dr. Robert L. Parrillo 2009 IR University of Auburn - Montgomery Ball State University
Dr. Soo H. Jung 2009 Policy Yonsei University (South Korea)
Dr. Woojin Kang 2009 Comparative Angelo State University
Dr. Joseph K. Young 2008 IR/Comparative Southern Illinois University - Carbondale American University
Dr. Justin E. Esarey 2008 Policy/Methods Emory University Rice University
Dr. Faruk Ekmekci 2008 IR Illinois Wesleyan Univeristy Ipek University (Turkey)
Dr. Christina Fattore 2007 IR West Virginia University
Dr. Cynthia R. Rugeley 2007 American/Policy Texas Tech University University of Minnesota - Duluth
Dr. Glynn T. Ellis, Jr. 2007 IR Georgia Southern University
Dr. Joel F. Turner, Jr. 2007 American Western Kentucky University
Dr. Nicholas Charron 2007 IR Gothenburg University (Sweden) Copenhagen Business School
Dr. William Davis 2007 IR/Comparative Walsh University
Dr. Alfredo R. Berardo 2006 Policy University of Arizona University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Dr. Christopher J. Lewis 2006 American Haas Center, University of West Florida Enterprise Florida
Dr. Emilia J. Powell 2006 IR/Comparative Georgia Southern University University of Notre Dame
Dr. Joohyun Kang 2006 Policy Sookmyung Women's University (South Korea)
Dr. Marc A. Pape 2006 IR Dickinson College
Dr. Shunta Matsumoto 2006 American Meijo University (Japan)
Dr. Michael E. Allison 2006 IR University of Scranton