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Department of Political Science

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Matthew Pietryka

Assistant Professor

Office: Bellamy 561
Email Address:


CV: Matthew Pietryka CV


2012 Ph.D., University of California, Davis

Areas of Interest:

Political behavior, Political communication, Social networks, Campaigns

Selected Publications:

  • Pietryka, Matthew T., Jack Reilly, Patrick Miller, Daniel Maliniak, Ronald B. Rapoport, and Robert Huckfeldt. 2017. “From Respondents to Networks: Bridging between Individuals, Discussants, and the Network in the Study of Political Discussion.” Political Behavior, forthcoming.
  • Pietryka, Matthew T. and Donald A. DeBats. 2017. “It’s Not Just What You Have, but Who You Know: Networks, Social Proximity to Elites, and Voting in State and Local Elections.” American Political Science Review, 111(2): 360-378.
  • Pietryka, Matthew T. 2016. “Accuracy Motivations, Predispositions, and Social Information in Political Discussion Networks.” Political Psychology, 37(3): 367–386.

Courses Taught:

Social Network Analysis (graduate)
Political Psychology (graduate)
Political Research Methods (undergraduate)
Media and Politics (undergraduate)