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College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Taylor Kinsley Chewning

Graduate Student

Subfield(s): International Relations, Comparative Politics


Curriculum Vitae



Education: B.A. from Furman University (Majors: Politics and International Affairs; Economics)

Selected Publications

Gabriel Cepaluni, Taylor Kinsley Chewning, Amanda Driscoll and Marco Antonio Faganello. “Conditional Cash Transfer Programs and Child Labor.” World Development. (Forthcoming).

Taylor Kinsley Chewning, Jon Green, Hans J.G. Hassell, and Matthew R. Miles. “Campaign Principal-Agent Problems: Volunteers as Faithful and Representative Agents.” APSA 2021: Seattle, WA, United States.

Taylor Kinsley Chewning. “Why not both? The Liberal-Realist Model of Public Opinion” Working Paper.

Taylor Kinsley Chewning, Bailey Johnson, Amanda Driscoll, Jay N. Krehbiel, and Michael J. Nelson. 2020-08-14.”COVID-19, Crises, and Public Support for the Rule of Law Teaching Modules.” Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor].
LINK: https://www.openicpsr.org/openicpsr/project/120596/version/V2/view

​Taylor Kinsley Chewning, Amanda Driscoll, Jay N. Krehbiel, and Michael J. Nelson. 2020.”Coronavirus fatigue is the biggest threat to Germany’s success story in this pandemic.” The Loop: ECPR’s Political Science Blog.
LINK: https://theloop.ecpr.eu/coronavirus-fatigue-is-the-biggest-threat-to-germanys-success-story-in-this-pandemic/