Mark Souva


Mark Souva’s recent research creates new measures of naval, air, and military power and examines their role in conflict processes. Souva also examines how domestic politics, particularly domestic political institutions, influence foreign policy and international interactions.

Selected Publications

2020. Air Superiority and Battlefield Victory. With Richard Saunders. Research and Politics October-December: 1-8.

2014. Power At Sea: A Naval Power Dataset, 1865-2011. With Brian Crisher. International Interactions 40: 602-629.

2016. Audience Costs, Information and Credible Commitment Problems. With Chungshik Moon. Journal of Conflict Resolution 60 (3): 434-458.

2013. Narrow Interests and Military Resource Allocation in Autocratic Regimes. With Justin Conrad and Hong-Cheol Kim. Journal of Peace Research 50 (6): 739 – 752.

2007. An Institutional Theory of Sanctions Onset and Success. With David Lektzian.  Journal of Conflict Resolution 51 (6): 848-871.

Mark Souva

Paul Piccard Professor of Political Science

Specialization: Conflict Processes, Economic Sanctions, Military Power and Military Spending

Bellamy 234

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