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Doug Ahler

Assistant Professor

Specialization: Political Behavior and Psychology, Public Opinion, Survey Research

Areas of Interest: American Politics, Political Methodology

Bellamy 549 (available by appointment at https://doug-ahler.youcanbook.me/)





Doug Ahler studies representation, public opinion, and political behavior in the context of American politics. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley in 2016. In addition to his courses on American politics, Dr. Ahler teaches in the Research Intensive Bachelor’s Certificate (RIBC) program at COSSPP and mentors students throughout the honors thesis process.

Selected Publications

Ahler, Douglas J. 2014. “Self-Fulfilling Misperceptions of Public Polarization.” The Journal of Politics 76 (3): 607-620.

Ahler, Douglas J., Jack Citrin, and Gabriel S. Lenz. 2016. “Do Open Primaries Improve Representation? An Experimental Test of California’s 2012 Top-Two Primary.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 41 (2): 237-268.

Ahler, Douglas J., and Gaurav Sood. 2018. “The Parties in Our Heads: Misperceptions About Party Composition and Their Consequences.” The Journal of Politics 80 (3): 964-981.

Ahler, Douglas J., and David E. Broockman. 2018. “The Delegate Paradox: Why Polarized Politicians Can Represent Citizens Best.” The Journal of Politics 80 (4): 1117-1133.

Ahler, Douglas J., Carolyn E. Roush, and Gaurav Sood. Forthcoming. “The Micro-Task Market for Lemons: Data Quality on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.” Political Science Research & Methods.