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College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Christopher Reenock

Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies

Specialization: Democratic Regime Failure, Comparative Public Policy

Areas of Interest: Comparative Politics, Public Policy

Bellamy 226 (Monday: 1-2:30 p.m.)




Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Reenock’s research focuses on institutional and policy choices in democracies and how these choices affect democratic performance and sustainability. His interest extends across two subfields – public policy and comparative politics. In public policy, his research agenda focuses on the impact of cooperation and delegation problems on policy delivery. In comparative politics, his research is concerned with institutional choices that may protect regimes against democratic failure. The questions within each of these research areas reflect fundamental problems that all democracies confront.

Selected Publications

Forthcoming. Jeffrey Staton, Christopher Reenock, and Jordan Holsinger. Can Courts be Bulwarks of Democracy? Judges and the Politics of Prudence. Cambridge University Press.

Forthcoming. Christopher Reenock, David Konisky, and Matthew Uttermark. “Chain of Command vs. Who’s in Command: Structure, Politics and Regulatory Outputs.” Policy Studies Journal. (Winner: 2019 Herbert Kaufman Award, best paper presented at APSA, Public Administration Section)

Command: Structure, Politics and Regulatory Outputs.” Policy Studies Journal.