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Department of Political Science

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Charles Barrilleaux

State politics, urban politics, public policy and administration.

Bellamy 531B

Quintin Beazer

Comparative & international political economy, authoritarian regimes, and post-communist politics

Bellamy 563

William Berry

Public policy, state politics, research methodology

Bellamy 552

Eric Coleman

Collective action, environmental policy, developing countries

Bellamy 163

Robert Crew

American social policy, american state & national politics, campaigns & elections

Bellamy 211

Raphael Cunha

International and comparative political economy, and the politics of international finance.

Bellamy 566

Amanda Driscoll

Comparative legislative politics, electoral systems, Latin-American politics, comparative judicial politics & inter-branch relations

Bellamy 567

Marina Duque

International Relations theory (status, hierarchy, and relational models), social network analysis, and research design.

Bellamy 572

Sean Ehrlich

International & comparative political economy, democratic institutions, trade policy, European union politics

Bellamy 559

Brad Gomez

American Politics with specific interest in public opinion, electoral behavior, and the U.S. Congress

Bellamy 536

Jens Grosser

Experimental economics & political science, game theory, collective action & voting, decision-making within between groups

Bellamy 553

Hans J.G. Hassell

Political Parties, Political Behavior, Campaigns and Elections

Bellamy 558

Robert Jackson

Political participation, voting behavior, U.S. Elections

Bellamy 539

Holger Kern

Authoritarian regimes (transitions to democracy, anti-regime collective action, mass media, public opinion, and censorship), research design, causal inference in experiments and observational studies

Bellamy 541

Bellamy 227

Christopher Li

Formal Theory, American Political Institutions, and Political Economy.

Bellamy 535

Na'ama Nagar

International relations

Bellamy 545

Bellamy 551

Matthew Pietryka

Political behavior, Political communication, Social networks, Campaigns

Bellamy 561

Christopher Reenock

Democratic regime stability, comparative public policy, legislative-bureaucratic stability, environmental regulatory policy

Bellamy 226

Mark Souva

Domestic institutions & foreign policy, liberal peace, economic sanctions, international security affairs

Bellamy 555

Carol Weissert

Federalism, state politics, health policy

Bellamy 542

William Weissert

Health politics & policy, long-term care policy publications

Bellamy 234

Michelle Whyman

American political institutions and public policy.

Bellamy 551