GPALC Program Overview

Students in the Global and Public Affairs Living-Learning Community are passionate about the social sciences – political science, international affairs, economics, sociology, and more! GPALC participants seek to understand society on a deeper level and engage with their local, national, and global communities. Participants can expect to live alongside peers from diverse backgrounds with different viewpoints.

Students participate in a 1-credit weekly colloquium in both Fall and Spring semesters, and must also enroll in a 3-credit class reserved just for GPALC students during the Spring semester. Participants are required to attend cultural and political events throughout the course of the semester. These classes and events will give students the opportunity to learn, discuss, and engage with topics of interest.

Course info:

Every student must enroll and pass the following 1-credit course in both Fall and Spring semester:

  • ISS 1921: Colloquium in Global and Public Affairs
    Instructor: Prof. Eric Coleman, Department of Political Science
    Wed 1:20pm-2:10pm

Every student must CHOOSE ONE of the following 3-credit courses reserved for GPALC students

  • PUP4203 01: Environmental Politics and Policy
    Instructor: Prof. Eric Coleman, Department of Political Science
    Tues/ Thur 1:20pm-2:35pm
    Stavros Center, SEC203

  • – OR –

  • ECO2013 07: Principles of Macroeconomics
    Instructor: Prof. James Gwartney, Department of Economics
    Tues/ Thur 07 TR 3:05pm-4:20pm
    Stavros Center, SEC203