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A Message from Dean Tim Chapin

Here at the Florida State University College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, we have watched recent events with anger, despair, and heartbreak. George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis Police was horrific and disturbing, and sadly yet another in a long line of deaths for Black men and women brutalized and killed by a society still rife with racism.

Racism in its many forms has yielded a cycle of poverty, shortened lifespans, comparatively minimal wealth creation, and high incarceration rates in Black communities and other marginalized communities.

Equity, Justice, and Opportunity rest at the core of what we teach, research, and practice in the college. We have a particular responsibility to use our training, expertise, skills, and connections to advance efforts to identify, measure, and stamp out racism in all its forms and to improve the lives of marginalized groups.

We pledge these resources in the service of positive change and the eradication of racism.

The college will be convening online sessions to discuss ways we, as social scientists, can respond to this crisis and advance positive action toward justice and equity. Details on the first of these sessions will be announced later this week.

As indicated in President Thrasher's statement, the greater FSU community is united in its commitment to justice and support of all our university family. We urge you to take advantage of the FSU Student Resilience Project when you need help dealing with crisis and stress.

We stand ready to support our students, faculty and staff in these difficult times. Please feel free to reach out to us; Dean Tim Chapin can be reached at .