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Common Sense Economics

In the final Policy Pub for spring semester, Joe Calhoun, director of the Stavros Center for Economic Education, talks about the center's educators course and companion book, "Common Sense Economics: What Everyone Should Know About Wealth and Prosperity."

As co-author of the book, Calhoun will highlight such concepts and key points as gains from trade, innovation, competitive markets, and sound institutions. While simple on the surface, the nuances of these ideas run deep into the decisions of everyday life.

He will also address some of the controversial topics in public policy and dispel several myths about economics: Are trade wars good for the economy? Do corporations pay taxes? Does minimum wage help poor people?

Calhoun is an associate teaching professor in the Department of Economics at Florida State University. He currently teaches large classes in the principles of economics. He regularly presents at national teaching conferences about how to effectively use media and technology in the classroom.

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