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World Affairs Program Chalks Up Impressive Wins

The college’s World Affairs Program (WAP) has had another impressive season of competitions across the country.

Thanks to generous donations to the organization during the 2018 Great Give online fundraising event, the group has funding to expand its competitive range. The support enabled travel to the West Coast, where they won Best Small Delegation at the Model UN conference at the University of California, Berkeley, the last weekend in February.

All eight of WAP’s traveling delegates won awards in their committees: Outstanding Delegate to Jake Mason; Honorable Mention to Aliyah Hurt, Allie Odishelidze, Sebastian Rivera, Kathryn Vigrass and Lucy Walsh; Verbal Commendations to Karissa Hammett and Alisson Sealy.

Earlier in the month, WAP won Best Large Delegation at the Florida Crisis Simulation in Gainesville, Fla.

“I was stunned by the hard work and dedication our delegates put into preparation for this conference,” said Director Jake Mason. “This delegation, made up of 12 new members, has shown tremendous growth in such a short period of time.”

Fifteen team members came home with special recognition: Best Delegates Nicholas Bamberg, William Fulmer, Karissa Hammett, Mary Thomas and Ryan Villacorta; Outstanding Delegates Alain M Acanda, Allen Byrd, Lauren Callahan, Noelle Du Bois and Jessica Middleton; Honorable Delegates Shelby Fleshood, Melissa Pregasen, Nolan Rudolph, Alisson Sealy and Lucy Walsh; Verbal Commendation to Matthew Putnam.

The organization started the spring conference season strong at the beginning of February with a Best Large Delegation award at Model United Nations Emory. Here again, individual team members were recognized for their outstanding work: Best Delegates Shelby Fleshood, Aliyah Hurt, Jessica Middleton and Mary Thomas; Outstanding Delegates Alain M Acanda, Chase Freeman, Jake Mason, Kathryn Vigrass and Lucy Walsh; Honorable Delegate Alisson Sealy; and Verbal Commendation to Jensine Weingold.

“In addition to our excellent overall performance, the program also set records for our highest points per delegate ratio at two of the conferences,” Mason said. “Our success is only possible because of the strong support we receive from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy and our amazing alumni network throughout the country.”

WAP’s remaining two conferences for the spring 2020 semester are the Virginia International Crisis Simulation, March 26-29, hosted by the University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary Model UN Conference, April 2-5, hosted by the College of William and Mary.

The World Affairs Program is a student-run academic program within the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy that gives students a social, academic and competitive outlet in an educational setting. Membership in the organization is free and open to students of all majors and levels. For more information, visit WAP’s website.