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Students: You Can Participate in Paid Social Science Experiments

The XS/FS group is looking for students who wish to participate in paid social science experiments. You will earn a guaranteed $5 – $10 if you sign up for a session and show up on time (the exact amount depends on the amount of time scheduled for the experiment), and students typically earn an additional $5 – $15 per hour while participating in an experiment. The exact amount of money you earn will depend on the rules of the experiment, your decisions, and possibly decisions made by other participants. Experiments generally last 1-2 hours and are conducted at a variety of times during the week.

To receive an email announcement of upcoming experiments go to this link. By registering, you will receive emails announcing when experiments are coming up. These emails give details on the time of experimental sessions and a link allowing you to sign up for available sessions. YOU MUST BE SIGNED UP THROUGH THAT LINK TO PARTICIPATE.

What will you do in an experiment? We study behavior in a variety of political and economic settings including financial markets, auctions, or elections. (Read more about XS/FS here.) You will be given extensive instructions and then be asked to make a series of choices. WE DO NOT USE DECEPTION. All information you will be given about the rules of the experiment and how you will be paid will be truthful and accurate. If there’s something we can’t tell you, we will truthfully answer “We can’t tell you.”

Most people who participate in one experiment sign up for another, so people seem to like participating in these experiments. Participation in any of our experiments is purely voluntary. We bear no ill will towards anyone who doesn’t volunteer to participate, and your instructors won’t know whether you participate or any of your decisions. These experiments are in no way test related to any class.

Please, use your FSU ID and NOT your social security number when you register and it asks for your student number,

If you have questions feel free to email us at recruit@xsfs.fsu.edu..