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College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Students recognized as FSU Torchbearers

Twenty one students with at least one major in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy have been named to the FSU Torchbearer 100.

Each year the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) is proud to recognize 100 of the most outstanding, undergraduate leaders and achievers across campus who, during their time at Florida State, have built upon our tradition of exceptional student life.

According to DSA, attributes of a member of the Torchbearer 100 may be demonstrated by, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Led by their example holding themselves, and those around them, to a higher standard
  • Visionary community builders, striving for a more inclusive and thriving environment
  • Dared to challenge generally accepted norms and have been so bold to strive for a more ideal alternative
  • Demonstrated their commitment to Florida State through their leadership and service to their spaces within the university
  • Made exceptional accomplishment in their field of study or area of involvement
  • Had a transformative personal development journey while at Florida State
  • Strived for the betterment of something beyond themselves
  • An infectious belief in and ability to bring out the best of their peers
  • Their positive impact made a significant difference in student life and their legacy will extend beyond their time on campus

This recognition aims to thank and celebrate these students who have made significant contributions to our community and whose legacy has strengthened the foundation set for Florida State students to come.

The COSSPP students recognized this year* are:

Rawan Abhari (Economics, Middle Eastern Studies)
Aide Aguilar Ayungua (Political Science, Criminology)
Abby Branham (International Affairs)
Makenna Campbell-Hutts (Political Science)
Jaylen Darling (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)
Mathieu Douceur Jr. (Political Science, Criminology)
Ronald Jeanty (African American Studies, Psychology)
Hannah Llende (Political Science)
Sasha Martin (International Affairs, Social Work)
Emma Jo McAuliffe (Sociology)
Meagan McLaughlin (International Affairs, Political Science)
Laura Medina (International Affairs)
Amy Morales (Political Science)
Jealine Noel (Political Science, Sociology)
Annie Palladino (Economics, Commercial Entrepreneurship)
Chaston Pfingston (Political Science)
Emmabella Rudd (Public Health)
Guerothlyn Saint-Jean (Public Health)
Fabio Sanchez Del Rio (International Affairs, Political Science)
Donald Sizemore (Real Estate, Economics, and Finance)
Alex Smith (Political Science)

* Names and majors provided by Division of Student Affairs