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Students Present Research At Statewide Conference

by Camille Shattler and COSSPP Communications Staff”

Twelve undergraduates with at least one major in the college were among the 55 Florida State University students who presented their research at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC) held February 21-22 at Florida Gulf Coast University.

FURC, one of the nation’s largest multidisciplinary undergraduate research conferences, gives undergraduate students the opportunity to showcase their research and further develop their presentation skills. Students also gain valuable networking experience, attend workshops on a range of subjects and connect directly with graduate school recruiters from around the nation.

Recognizing the importance of student advancement, FSU’s Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE) funded both the registration and travel costs for the 55 participating students.

“For many students, FURC is the first opportunity to present their research in an off-campus setting, enabling them to translate the impact of their research to an audience from around the state,” said Latika Young, director of CRE. “The experience also helps our students develop their identities as budding researchers. By being able to provide funding for students selected to participate, we ensure the essential benefits offered through this experience are available to everyone.”

Imani Lewis, who is double majoring in psychology and international affairs, truly loved her experience at FURC. Lewis, one of six oral presenters from FSU, presented her research “Understanding Prejudice and Facilitating Social Change.”

“It was really exciting to be able to share the research that I have been working on so hard for the past year to such a large audience,” Lewis said. “The reception I received was so encouraging, and it’s shown me that research truly is something I want to pursue further.”

Sebastian Mejia, a senior majoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, also enjoyed the social aspect of FURC and being able to converse with other undergraduate researchers.

“Meeting undergraduates also interested in the same type of research as myself was my favorite part,” Mejia said. “I don’t know many students who are interested in qualitative research, so attending these conferences is a great opportunity to meet them.”

Mejia presented his research “Decolonizing Land & Re-indigenizing Body: The Recuperation of Indigenous Identity in Brazil.”

The 12 COSSPP majors and their research presentations, as reported by CRE, are:
– Paris Gilstrap (International Affairs, Art History) “Street Art as Activism: Migration and Border Politics in France”
– Imani Lewis (Psychology, International Affairs)
– Sandra Miles (Interdisciplinary Social Science) “Pollinator and Herbivore Mediated Neighborhood Mediated Effects in Crop Yield”
– Sebastian Mejia (Latin American & Caribbean Studies) “Decolonizing Land & Re-indigenizing Body: The Recuperation Of Indigenous Identity in Brazil”
– Selina Nevin (International Affairs, Middle Eastern Studies) “Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Political Parity and Gender Equality in the Middle East”
– Sabrina Mato (Political Science, International Affairs) “Catalonia’s Search for Sovereignty”
– Savannah Woller (Social Science, Psychology) “Exploring the Relationship between Moral Injury and PTSD in Suicide Attempt Survivors”
– Maya Gummaraju (Social Science) “Resilience in International Students”
– Atilla Sulker (Social Science) “Digital Property Rights: A Re-evaluation of Ownership and Speech Conflicts on the Internet”
– Meagan McLaughlin (Social Science) “Female Genital Mutilation: A Contemporary Gendercide in France”
– Arnel Garcesa (Economics, Statistics) “Florida Solar Energy Pricing: Cost-Benefit and Sensitivity Analysis of FPL’s Solar Projects”
– Anthony Campbell (Sociology) “How Time and Race Affect Doctor-Patient Relationships”

Florida State University and the Center for Undergraduate Research will host next year’s Florida Undergraduate Research Conference Feb. 26-27, 2021.

Imani Lewis, who presented her research “Understanding Prejudice and Facilitating Social Change,” was one of six oral presenters from FSU.