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Students honored with annual Leadership Awards

Top, left to right: Madelyn Johnson, Meagan McLaughlin, Aliyah Hurt
Bottom: Mateo Guillamont, Jonathan Washington, Jordyn Cohn & Morgan Barnes

Not pictured: Angel Purganan

Florida State University students, employees and organizations were recognized during the university’s annual Leadership Awards Night Tuesday, April 6.

The awards, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, honor the diverse collection of individuals and groups across campus who engage in leadership learning.

The honored students from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy are:

Mateo Guillamont (Pre-Political Science): President’s Award, given to an outstanding freshman for service to the university and who shows potential for future leadership success

Aliyah Hurt (Public Health): J.R. Harding Award, given to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities and exceptional persistence in achieving educational goals while overcoming personal obstacles

Morgan Barnes (Public Health, Nursing) and Jordyn Kohn (Public Health): University Health Services Student of the Year Award, given to one student or a group of students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievement in promoting health issues

Madelyn Johnson (International Affairs, Middle Eastern Studies): Global Citizen Award, given to students who have been actively engaged in intercultural initiatives and exemplified leadership in promoting a global community

Jonathan Washington (Sociology, Psychology) and Meagan McLaughlin (Political Science, International Affairs): The Dean’s Cup, given to students who have demonstrated a strong sense of commitment to the university’s Seminole Creed of truthfulness, respect, excellence, freedom of speech and inquiry, diversity, justice, citizenship and discovery

Angel Purganan (Political Science): Student Seminole Award, given to students who have made special contributions to the university in the areas of leadership and service