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Student Group Offers Mentorship Programs

Everyone knows the benefits of having a mentor, someone who can share their experience and knowledge and guide you toward your goal. Now, students in the college have two new programs to help them develop academically and professionally, thanks to the college’s Student Leadership Council.

The Student Mentorship Program facilitates a one-on-one mentorship between upper-division students and incoming transfers and freshmen to acclimate incoming students to academic life within the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Topics discussed include research, course selection, professor selection, study skills, and academic opportunities. This is an attempt to give students an academic advantage and head start when entering the college. Contact us by email for more information.

The Alumni Mentorship Program consists of professional development workshops and one-on-one mentorships between distinguished college alumni and current students. The mentorship has a particular focus on leadership skills and career preparation. Topics discussed include career-specific information, professional presentation, professional communication, problem solving, time management, goal setting, leadership strategies, and networking. This is an attempt to give students professional skills to jumpstart their careers. Contact Kayla Sanders by email for more information.

For eligibility requirements and more info, visit the Student Leadership Council web page.